For Booking’s Customer Service department a fresh new visual communication style was needed. Under the art direction of Team Hilgersom a very versatile set of visuals were made to up the communication to something clear, fun and relatable.

Character Design

It all started with the development of Brad, the friendly colleague to all Customer Service employees. He was going to be the face and voice for all communication throughout this project.

More characters were introduced along the way to represent colleagues, clients and others to tell a story.

World Building

To be able to tell a wide range of stories, both internal and external, we created a bigger world around Brad and his colleagues. From locations to situations, some real and some a little more fictional.

Putting the Fun into Functional

Using illustrations across all communication for the Customer Service department resulted in a wide variety of visuals. Ranging from quirky small drawings to more serious illustrations serving an explanatory purpose.

All across the board an upbeat positive vibe was inserted into the illustrations, making information more accessible to all employees, even when the message in its essence would be a little dull.

Around the World

With offices around the world and local Customer Service teams operating from different cities it gave me the opportunity to take the global Customer Service identity and make it more relatable. A series of big custom murals and repeating wallpapers were created showing local landmarks, traditions, cultural icons and anything else that would make the employees feel right at home and connected to their office.


The Customer Service identity turned out to be perfect for creating quirky handmade video’s, adding a fun and powerful option for communicating with employees and clients.